Mac Danzig, the famous vegan UFC fighter, not vegan anymore(?)

It’s strange that there is nothing online of him talking about veganism since 2013. I couldn’t find a single vegan hashtag on his Instagram account. The only two vegan tweets I could find on his Tweeter account are both about vegan donuts (in 2016 and 2018).

He seems only to give a fuck about MMA even though he isn’t competing anymore and has a Tweeter account about nature and photography but without any vegan tweets. Doesn’t look to me like he is still a vegan. Or maybe he thinks he shouldn’t mix business (his MMA school) with his diet, which would be even worse – a famous vegan who does shit to promote veganism only not to piss off potential MMA school students??? get the fuck out here…

Which is very sad, as I came around him just a bit after I turned vegan in 2007, when he won the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter show. He (along with Fedor Emelianko) turned me into an MMA junkie and I used to show him to everybody as an example of what a vegan athlete is capable of.

I personally do not trust any vegan celebrity anymore. When you can’t get any fame in your profession being omnivore, just anounce to go vegan and suddenly, you are a star! But after a couple of years you don’t hear anything about them on veganism. Can anyone name a couple vegan celebrities which are still vegan after decades? Jaquin Phoenix, who did a very good job on promoting veganism during his Oscar speech, and Woody Harrelson (seems still to be vegan, but he doesn’t sound as he would do it for the animals) are the only two I can think of spontaneously.

Ok, after googling for some more, there are actually a couple more of long term vegan celebrities: Moby and Alicia Silverstone. But that’s actually it.

Just recently I’ve found out that Andre 3000 from Outkast was vegan since 1999. But then I’ve found an interview from 2014 where he says, that he isn’t vegan anymore basically because being vegan made hime an „Outkast“ („I was a hardcore vegan for fifteen years. I’ve even done raw. But socially it became horrible. I was kind of just sitting at home eating a salad. You become mean. That’s not good for you“)

Fuck vegan celebreties.

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